free verse

beloved, I am not worthy of your love, and yet you love me. I cringe before the light of your love, because I have been lost in darkness so lost. i seek your face, and yet run when you turn towards me. my words are all for vain, because they do no justice to the deep longing i feel; i am completely lost without your love. your love gives me wholeness and purpose, and yet i am afraid to completely rest in you. i am a child of chaos, and sometimes the emptiness and darkness feels more normal than the safety and warmth of your love. help me be content with being at peace, instead of jumping into the abyss. i am not worthy of your love, but time and time again you embrace me over and over. your forgiveness and grace flows abundantly towards me and every wayward child. i keep hearing echoes of your voice, “if you want to get to know me, get to know my kids.” your children like me are not always likable; they sneer, lie, and break each others hurt over and over. every time i want to run, you call me back home to you. you tell me to trust, love, forgive, and then pass on how you love me to the rest of your kids. maybe this time, i’ll finally listen. this time i will stay in your embrace, and learn to love as you love. thank you for your love, and i hope to love those who think unworthy of your love.

Premier vs. Free

Dear WP friends,

I have had a Word Press premier membership for the past year, and I am thinking about not renewing it.  Any thoughts on premier vs. free?  Also, does anyone know what will happen to blog posts I have created on my premier address, will it simply disappear or will it transferred to my regular wordpress account?  Thanks for reading, and any suggestions or sharing of experience would be appreciated.

Thanks For Blogger Recognition Award Nomination


I am grateful and surprised to be nominated by His Perfect Timing ( for the blogger recognition award. His Perfect Timing is one of the first blogs that exemplified for me a mix between sharing personal stories and a testimony of one’s faith lived out into the word.



  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.  Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.


My Story

I think my gateway online forum to blogging started with the days of live journal, I used to post about my days. For those of you too young for Friendster and Livejournal, they were social forums before Facebook.  I blogged before, but I got on WordPress this past year and started to share some of my art, poetry and thoughts.  Letters To A Young Spiritual Seeker, the letters, are written as if I am writing to my younger self or someone who was lost but seeking like me.  I don’t know if I have much wisdom to offer, but I do have a wealth of experience of all the dead ends I’ve run into in the spiritual life.



  1. Write from your heart, and share honestly from your experience.
  2. Have fun writing, and approach feedback and blog interactions with an open mind.

My Nominees

  1. I Know I  Made You Smile ( Comic strip by Carl D’Agostino.  This site brings much needed humor with beautiful unique art by Art.
  2. kenziesdrawings ( “Kenzie”‘s blog is full of wonderful drawings that range from paintings, comic strips, and even reflections and commentary.
  3. Paul Militaru: A Photography Portfolio ( Beautiful scenic photography by Paul.
  4. Street Photography ( Beautiful street photography from Germany (I think), each shot brings wander and full imagination of a possible story.
  5. Beauty Beyond Bones ( A wonderful blog about the writer’s journey through anorexia recovery, but reflections about her own life including her life of faith.
  6. Debbie’s Journey to Health and Hope ( A wonderful blog about a woman’s journey through losses and grief moments in her life that helped her grow.
  7. Food To Glow ( A wonderful blog by Kellie, and ex-pat that lives in Scotland.  Blog contains wonderful recipes and guidance of healthy nutrition for cancer.
  8. Yoga Mom: Yoga Happens Every Day–Divorce and All( Beautiful Poetry by Lorien that shows the joys and sadness of life, and that everything can be used for growth.
  9. My Valiant Soul ( Beautiful poetry from a young woman.
  10. Urban Poetry ( by Linda J. Wolff has beautiful free verse paired with wonderful images.
  11. Matthew Mulinge: My Glass Mind ( The blog features quotes of day, and posts that share wisdom and inspiration.
  12. Make It Ultra ( Beautiful insights by Eric Perry, who provides psychoeducational info along with posts that inspire and motivate you towards wholeness.
  13. Lipstick and Grace ( A hidden gem in the blog world by Sabrina that features her funny and quirky insights that includes her faith in everyday life.
  14. Free Verse Revolution ( Wonderful poetry by Nicholas Gagnier that covers parenthood to politics.
  15. Anything is Possible : With Hope, Faith, and Perseverance( A wonderful blog by JoAnne, who likes to go by JoAnna.



Poem: Awe

Awe (collab. with Kelly Rose)

A profound moment lost forever
In the wake of worry
Awe’s reverent beauty
Overlooked for life’s illusions
No wonder lights the soul
As worry’s froth and foam
Clouds one’s perspective

Lost in thought and never saying never
Everything is blurry like walking in a flurry
Beauty surrounds me even when I feel pity
Chances squandered, like when an ump cried “foul!”
I dance with death with awe
Each move so seductive

*1st Stanza in Italics by Kelly Rose, and 2nd Stanza by me in non-italics. Title was Kelly Rose’s idea.