Untitled Book: prologue

We are born and then we die, but it’s all the stuff in between that matters. I never asked for this, I just wanted to quietly die and be forgotten. It I guess sometimes history is made by reluctant players, who wanted to be in the background.

I am not sure how I became the leader of a rebellion that changed the world. It all began with one simple word, “no.” As it turned out, no wasn’t so simple after all.

Poem: insomnia blues

What keeps me awake at night
is not the state of the world,
or even my own personal drama.

What keeps me up is my indifference
and feeling helpless in a culture that
values human beings as consumers and producers.

I both hate and love capitalism.
I disgust myself with my own chosen
existence to ignore how my own comforts are based on the oppression of others.

I have the insomnia blues, who knows
maybe I’ll learn to care tomorrow.