Meditation Poem Series: #46

This is a day late, yesterday was a full day. My daughter and I were visiting up in Falls Church, and woke up to home made pancakes. We went to an Anglican church, then lunch…drive home.

It might be slightly cheating, but I did metta meditation while I drove and while my daughter napped in the car. I started with myself, then her, other people on the road, and then people as they popped up into my heart and mind. If you don’t know what metta (loving-kindess meditaion) is, I’d be happy to go more in depth either through a post or a reply to a comment.

Meditation Poem #46
may you all be happy,
healthy,and free
from suffering

Meditation Poem Series: #33

Today was a full day. I was not able to post on the day itself, but I did meditate on my drive back to VA from NC, while my daughter napped. I did metta meditation, or loving-kindess meditation. I wished “May I be happy, May I be healthy, May I be free,” and then expanded that metta to my daughter, and then others on the road.

Happy Christmas to all. It was my daughter’s first Christmas with my parents, and it was wonderful to have my brother and his wife visiting from Seattle.

Meditation Poem #33
loving kindness flows from my heart
the universe embraces me

Meditation Poem Series: #23

I did 15 minutes of metta meditation while waiting for my car to be serviced at a car dealership. It was definitely hard to focus, but I tried to return to my breath and phrases. Metta (loving-kindness) always starts with myself and then expands out to hopefully all living beings: “May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be free from suffering. May you be at peace.” I use those phrases, because they work for me. Sometimes I just use the first three, because for some reason my mind goes blank on the 4th phrase. Much metta to all of you.

Meditation Poem #23
May I be grounded in love
May we be free

Merry Cristmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

This post is a departure from my regular content, but I just wanted to thank all the people reading my posts, following and commenting.  I am so grateful to be part of this blogging community, and to find renewed motivation to keep writing and create visual art. 

오뎅국 (Odeng-guk)

I am blessed to visit my parents in NC. My mother made me 오뎅국 (Odeng-guk: fishcake soup) for breakfast this morning.  My comfort food of choice is homemade home cooked Korean food, and also good Southern cookin’.

My daughter and I at a Christmas party

I won’t be posting on Christmas Day, but I wanted to wish happy advent season and Christmas for those in the Christian tradition and happy holidays to all.  

My daughter is away with her momma visiting their family in FL, but I am blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends as we get through first year of major holidays coparenting.  

Thanks again to all the readers and writers who share their thoughts, art, and experiences. May you be held in the Light of a loving Higher Power. To my Buddhist friends, much metta and peace. May you be healthy, happy, and free from suffering.